The Group organisations will work towards ensuring that no one should be allowed to die in rural or urban India, in its industries, ports, mines or on highways, due to lack of timely medical aid and transportation.  It will be our endeavour to develop and provide lifesaving medical aid to one and all without wallet biopsy.


This will be achieved through a network of existent logistic providers, by mobilising opinion and sensitising people to intervene when they see an accident or a medical emergency to save lives; influence legislation to make important changes in the legal and operational framework guiding on site management of accidents and medical emergencies and treatment of such victims.

This is to be achieved through:

  • Life Saving Treatment in Golden Hour
  • Universal Access
  • Efficient Transportation / Communication
  • Training of Doctors, Paramedics, Bystanders and Industrial Employees
  • Empowering bystanders to provide BLS and CPR