Community First Aid and CPR

In 2017, Lifeline Foundation launched the biggest ever City-based Community First Aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) project titled – “Vadodara: A Smart City, A CPR City”- a unique campaign initiated as a first for the country to train citizens of Vadodara, a city of 2 million, in Gujarat, in Bystander CPR.

This project aimed at training 40% of physically abled literate citizens of Baroda (above 15 years) in bystander CPR and First Aid, making Vadodara city not only a SMART CITY in terms of infrastructure, but making society responsible for instant response and immediate post-accident care thereby minimizing response time to reduce mortality and residual disabilities.

School and college students, teachers, housewives, professionals, Municipal Corporation officials, fire and emergency personnel, law enforcement authorities, NGO staff members, public and private transport providers are being trained; till date this community project has trained 13,000+ participants.