Like Highway EMS, Lifeline Foundation is credited across Asia to initiate a new discipline of Industrial EMS for the first time starting in 2018.

Having worked since 2011, in industries, ports and mines to establish good quality pre-hospital care in their premises, Lifeline realized that more lives are lost to industrial accidents than to chronic illnesses. Statistics are alarming. In a 2005 report, the ILO had estimated 40,000 industrial fatalities in India every year.

For the first time, globally, the Foundation addressed this need for EMS in Industries to organise the 1st National Industrial Emergency Medical Services Conference (NiEMS2018); 494 delegates and 65 national and international faculties took part.

The idea of industrial EMS had generated attention of national and global partners. NiEMS2020 followed just before the lockdown, endorsed by National Health Mission (NHM) and Economic Advisory Council to the PM (EAC-PM), shifting focus from Occupational Health to “Emergency Medical Services & Occupational Health”.